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MARIO 2017

The talented twenty-year-old football player Mario falls in love with his same-aged team-mate Leon. After initial hesitation by Mario, a passionate relationship develops between them, which however ultimately fails because of the forced self-denial and disguise in the football business.

"I am Goalie" 2013

In „Der Goalie bin ig/ I am Goalie“ the first person narrator looks back on a lost paradise. Goalie is an addict from a small town in the Mittelland. Speaking in the local dialect he tells of his life in the eighties. His view of the world around him is distorted by his desire to make his life appear more attractive than it is. Charming and with great wit he regales us with stories from a little known world in the middle of Switzerland.

Our child 2013

A young married couple is thrilled to find they are expecting their first child. After a routine check-up, the diagnosis indicates that the baby may be handicapped. In so-called pre-natal diagnostics, the expectant parents are challenged to think more deeply about their relationship with each other and their attitudes toward life.  

Heart in the Emmental 2011

The movie "Heart in the Emmental" tells us the actual story of a part of the country that many people would still call idyllic or, if their views are based on prejudice rather than nostalgia, as simply backward. With the the sounds of the heavy metal band "Shakra" in its ear, the movie criss-crosses the valleys of the Emmental and tells us the stories of seven personalities which give us a picture of a region between local traditions an cosmopolitanism.

A Thousand Oceans 2008

Five friends spend their holidays on a faraway island in the sea. On the last day of the holidays, out of the blue, Björn informs his friends that he will not return home but intends to stay in this paradise forever. There is no sign of life from Björn after that. His best friend Meikel is very concerned about the mysterious disapperance – but nobody cares and no one helps him in his search for the lost friend.

Letters and other Secrets 2007

The life of the lonely post office employee Ruth changes abruptly when she violates the sanctity of the mail. Ruth finds love and - after a heavy disappointment in her youth – is wildly determined to defend her luck by any means necessary...

La stella che non c'è 2006

Vincenzo (50) works in a steel mill near Naples. Mr. Chong and his team have come to purchase and dismantle the factory and transfer it to China. When Vincenzo refuses to explain the casting ladle to them – he considers it defective and responsible for the death of a worker – he is fired. When Vincenzo finally identifies the defect, the Chinese already left. Vincenzo heads to Shanghai, where Mr Chong explains to him that the machines have been sold to another factory. Vincenzo finds the young translator Liu Hua and together they travel through China in search of the machines…

Deepfrozen 2006

Ronnie Vandella is the owner of a frozen food company in a sleepy village in Moselle. His feelings seem to be as frozen as his products. Then, one day a marvellous being arrives in the village. But with Zoya’s arrival strange things begin to happen. Everyone who tries to poke around in Zoya’s past either dies or disappears.

Fixerorte 2006

The film tells the 20-year story of the city of Bern’s refuge and contact point for drug users from the so-called Fixerstübli to today’s contact point and counseling center of the foundation Contact Netz.

MPS - Jazzin' The Black Forest 2006

The film "MPS - Jazzin' The Black Forest" presents the story of the jazz label MPS (Music Production Schwarzwald) from the perspective of Kathrin Brunner-Schwer and her uncle Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer, the founder of the label.

Kurt Thut 2005

This TV-documentary about designer/architect Kurt Thut has two main motives: the first is that Kurt Thut doesn’t believe "in a difference between interior and exterior architecture” and therefore has remained both an architect and a furniture designer. The second refers to a remark that Kurt Thut made in a discussion of the work of American designer-architects Charles and Ray Eames: "Make something out of what there is."

Oeschenen 2004

Christian Aellig (37), a successful lawyer in Bern, returns to his native “Oeschenen” for the funeral of his mother. He finds the small village in a state of intense agitation because rumor has it that his mother - a long time patient with an incurable disease - was killed by her husband, Peter Aellig (63).

Balthasar Burkhard 2004

The film has two themes: the photographer returning to the landscapes he first captured on film in the 1960's and the photographer at work in his studio in Bern, processing a large-format landscape print.

November 2003

Marianne Brunner, a thirty-nine-year old houswife, lives with her husband Paul (45) and their daughter Yvonne (11) in a middle-class neighbourhood in Switzerland. They live the ordinary lives of ordinary people until Marianne wins 2.9 million Swiss francs in the Swiss lottery.
Homepage: Marianne Brunner, a thirty-nine-year old houswife, lives with her husband Paul (45) and their daughter Yvonne (11) in a middle-class neighbourhood in Switzerland. They live the ordinary lives of ordinary people until Marianne wins 2.9 million Swiss francs in the Swiss lottery. She would like to keep her windfall secret from friends and neighbors but cannot resist the temptations of her newfound wealth. News of her lucky break spreads through the neighborhood like a swelling cancer and soon everyone is caught in a diabolical circle of illusions, envy and malice.

Sooner or later 2003

"Sooner or later" - The new Swiss film about evanescence, dying, death and grief, despair, anger, pain, helplessness, release and calm.

Working poor 2003

Refernces to the “working poor” appear in the media with increasing frequency, usually accompanied by figures to prove someone’s point and much finger pointing. But what kinds of hard-luck stories hide behind these statistics?

Angeli non ne ho mai visti 2001

Adriana, mother superior of a Capuchin order, appears to be a woman guided by a strong religious faith. Her life consists of prayers, silence, and solitude. However, as the renovation of the old convent gets under way, Adriana’s world is turned upside down...

Bashkim 2001

Bashkim ist elf als er zusammen mit seiner Familie den Bauernhof in der Nähe der Kleinstadt Deçan im Kosova verlässt. Sie kommen nach Winterthur wo der Vater schon einige Jahre als Gastarbeiter lebt.

Sottosopra 2001

The discovery of female freedom accepts no given top or bottom. The old symbolic order of male rule is put into question.

Tatort: Time-Out 2001

Since the arrival of coach Fredi Cortesi at the SC Biel, this ice hockey team from the province has become quite successful. But then Cortesi’s body turns up in the team’s changing room and in his locker the police discover a stash of cocaine. Was Cortesi killed because of his drug past or is his death related to the recent success of his team?

Adieu, plancher des vaches 1999

Nicolas is in his twenties. He is the oldest son of a wealthy family ruled by his mother, a formidable businesswoman. He spends his days in the nearby city, far removed from his own background, where he works as a cleaner and dishwasher in a bistro.

Tatort: Russisches Roulette 1998

In this episode of Tatort, Komissar von Burg und his "life and limb"-group are up against the covert and therefore doubly treacherous Bern branch of the "Russian Mafia".

The Third Moon 1997

Three men have a love affair with the same woman. The action takes place in Venice, a crossroads between East and West, between Christianity and Judaism.

Brigands 1996

A vagabond dreams that he is King Vano, ruler of a small state. The story is played out in three different epochs; the same figures reappear in each epoch playing different roles..

Zwei Namen ein Leben 1996

At seventeen, Elzbieta finds out that her mother is really her adoptive mother. Elzbieta was smuggled out of the Warsaw Ghetto when she was five years old and had a very strict Catholic upbringing.

Unterwegs 1995

Being on the move is essential for a utopian worldview. Both are recurring themes in the work of the late writer Irmtraud Morgner who is the subject of this film.

Haut Bas Fragile 1995

Summertime in Paris. In the streets, gardens, nightclubs, and ateliers life is unusually quiet.

Herbs And Powers 1995

After 22 years away, a man returns to "his" Emmental to look for links between old healing practices and modern medecine.

Father Dear Father 1994

Elsbeth is in love with Valentino but her father, who has sexually abused her since she was a child, refuses to release his "princess". Elsbeth develops an eating disorder.

Cold Sophie 1993

Daniel de Quervain a visitor in the world of today. Oblivious to currents and fashions, this artist, over a period of thirty years, has created a world of phantastic images.

Der 'Bund' 1992

Two women are having a little chat. One uses her field glasses to observe closely what happens around them. The other already knows in advance, what the first one will discover... she reads it in the newspaper.

Tatort: Brainwashing 1992

Detective von Burg of the Bern City Police is working on a murder case.

Honeymoon 1991

Albert, ein steif wirkender Mann Mitte Dreissig, bringt seine thailändische Braut Tanida in die Schweiz und geht mit ihr auf Hochzeitsreise.

Days Of Doubt 1991


Mirakel 1990

Von der Dorfgemeinschaft ausgeschlossen lebt der Knabe Andreas in seiner eigenen Welt, einer selbstgebauten Schneestadt. Sein einziger Gesprächspartner ist ein Schneemann.

Shigatse 1989

This documentary about the "barefoot doctors" of Shigatse in central Tibet shows the indigenous healers at work in villages, in the Tashilumpo monastery and at the school for higher education run by the Swiss Red Cross.

Switzerland And The Silver Screen 1989

Thirteen contemporary Swiss filmmakers reconstruct the history of Swiss Cinema. In 13 very personal films, they present their country's history.

Jenatsch 1987

A journalist investigates a historical murder. As the borders between the centuries dissolve, he is drawn into an intrigue that took place in seventeenth-century in Grisons.

The Commuter 1986

Tom drifts into the drug scene and cuts all ties with his parents. “The Commuter” is about the power of drugs and their role in a counter-culture that represents the dark side of middle class respectability.

Der Gemeindepräsident 1984

Hans Sturzenegger is the mayor of a small provincial town in Switzerland. A middle class widower and a liberal, he is respected in local politics by friend and foe alike.

Chapiteau 1983

Max, 30, professional violinist, has a chance encounter with a former circus director in a trailer camp.

Winterstadt 1980

In a medium size city, where life seems to have gone into retirement, a man, seemingly indifferent to the world, roams the streets by day and by night. His turf is a bar, an empty apartment and the paths connecting the two.

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